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Table NEMO2 by Jaanus Orgusaar

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Table NEMO2 by Jaanus Orgusaar

NEMO2 is the simplified verison of NEMO. The round work surface is made of birch plywood that is pleasantly warm to touch. The centre of the plate is covered with tempered glass that creates a light and airy impression. Up to six people can fit around NEMO, which is ideally suited as a meeting table, also suitable as dining table. The circle is a connecting factor. It creates a slight sensation of cosmic floating, unlike a usual meeting table.


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H - 720 mm, Ø - 1500 mm Material - 21 mm birch plywood, lacquered Top - 21mm birch plywood, lacquered, tempered 6mm glass.


The piece was created out of fascination with the natural phenomenon where same-size spheres invert into a compact structure like a cluster of chambers. By designing the table legs the designer used a fragment of a cluster of 14 bubbles.