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Jaanus Orgusaar

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    Jaanus Orgusaar

    Jaanus Orgusaar is an inventor and designer who dives straight to the primal source – his work is inspired by nature’s geometry that makes his objects clearly distinguishable. His trademark is the construction of three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional sheet material through inventive patterns. As a passionate experimenter he plays with structures resulting in surprising design and architectural objects. The shape, being based on nature’s principles, enables to change the scale of the object and so it’s possible that a lamp on Jaanus’ work desk transforms into a house and vice versa. His sculptural interior design objects are both practical and beautiful offering a unique spatial experience. Just as nature strives for structure and order, adapts to the surroundings, the designer tries to do the same. Jaanus Orgusaar transfers and abstracts nature into design and architecture. Most of his interior objects have been created out of the practical needs of the designer’s own family. All products are in daily use of the family – tried, tested and perfected over the years.

  • References

    • toomaslaats

      "Jaanus is Estonia`s very own original Alvar Aalto. In 100 years there will be more Orgusaar in Estonian homes than Aalto in Finnish homes today;)"

      Toomas Lääts - Chef from Tallinn, Estonia

    • rauharentola

      "It was love from first sight! I stumbled upon this shelf a year ago in Tallinn on a holiday trip at Sokos Hotel Estoria and the shelf stuck in my mind for a long time. This year at the Habitare Design fair in Helsinki I just couldn`t walk by. I knew at once where we would place it in our home, I just had to have one at once. The shelf Comb that I am talking about belongs to the Estonian designer Jaanus Orgusaar."

      Satu Rauharentola - blogger from Finand

    • ccslifestyle-2016

      "Originally we were just looking for a special way to present some of the little things we have, as we wanted them to stand out, without just using a traditional shelf. Soon we found the Comb bookshelf and from the first time we saw it we absolutely loved it, and once it was placed on our wall it has exceeded all expectations, which is why we have chosen it to be our product of the month January 2016. Something we think is great about the shelf is the option to not fill all the triangles without it looking empty or only half finished, that way it never looks overloaded and every object can come into its own much more."

      CC`s Lifestyle - blogger from Switzerland

    • allan-tahtla

      "I am very pleased with my purchase of Comb shelf! Jaanus Orgusaar´s design is innovative, unique and high quality!"

      Allan Tähtla - web designer from Estonia