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DUNE was inspired by various natural shapes – sand-dunes, flowing water, fractality. The shelf is based on the principle of the Flower of Life and the Golden ratio that appeals to the human eye through its ideal proportion.

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Jaanus Orgusaar at IMM Cologne 2017, Pure Studios

Jaanus Orgusaar selected to IMM Cologne 2017, Pure Studios. Visit us from 16 - 22. January at Halle 2.2, boothe P-012

Jaanus Orgusaar at IMM Cologne Pure Startups 15-21.01.2016

Jaanus Orgusaar selected to Pure Startups at IMM Cologne 2016, Halle 2.2  PURE HALL bootheO- 044

NOA published

NOA published in

NOA published in Dezeen

NOA published in Dezeen-

Designer Jaanus Orgusaar

Designer Jaanus Orgusaar

Jaanus Orgusaar is an inventor and designer who dives straight to the primal source – his work is inspired by nature’s geometry that makes his objects clearly distinguishable. His trademark is the construction of three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional sheet material through inventive patterns. As a passionate experimenter he plays with …

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NOA is an easily assembled living unit that can be adjusted to the environment. The modules can be added and rearranged while turning the window into a door at the connecting area. While the usual rectangular windows create a frame around a view the round windows of NOA extend the …

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