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Nomaad Jaanus Orgusaar

Lightweight and easy to assemble

NOMAAD is a lightweight, easy to assemble cupola based on a bulged cube – and triangles. The elaborate details and structure of simple elements and strong construction emerged as a result of many years of work by the designer. The cupola is inspired by the temporary housing of nomadic people.

Nomaad Jaanus Orgusaar

Best use of materials

NOMAAD consists of a waterproof plywood frame and polycarbonate cover panels. Unique aluminium plate connectors join the frame. The designer values optimization of material use, so the panels can be cut with minimal waste. Eight pegs fix the cupola to the ground. According to the designer the cupola can serve different purposes – adjusted as a studio, a greenhouse or a small garden house. When using NOMAAD as a studio the cover material can be swapped for plywood and flat surfaces can be fitted with glass windows.

Nomaad Jaanus Orgusaar

Build it yourself with just 8 hours

The bottom rim of the cupola is 70 cm high – the standard height of a table. Insulation and lowering in the ground of the bottom part of the cupola enables to extend the usage period. The assembly of the plywood frame with the connectors requires about 8 hours DIY.
The height of the expanded cube form is 3.7 meters, diameter 6 meters.