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Roomdivider CELLS by Jaanus Orgusaar

Roomdivider CELLS by Jaanus Orgusaar

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Roomdivider CELLS by Jaanus Orgusaar

The plywood roomdivider is an airy and elegant way to divide the room without closing it down. It suites for creating a subtle separation or space and it can also be used as a banister for staircase. As an additional bonus children can use it as a climbing wall or barb ladder. The geometry of the screen is similar to the cell-structure of living organisms.


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Medium- 1250mm x 2490mm, 21mm birch plywood, varnish, laquer.


The structure of teh roomdivider CELLS also derives from that of soap bubbles that are drawn towards each other and spread the material and mass proportionally while keeping the shape and density needed for synergy. As a result of pulling together the bubbles form polyhedrons that combine hexagons and tetragons. It creates an endless structure similar to cell-structure of plants.