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Coffee table NEMO by Jaanus Orgusaar

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Coffee table NEMO by Jaanus Orgusaar

Coffee table NEMO was created out of fascination with the natural phenomenon where same-size spheres invert into a compact structure like a cluster of chambers. The cuts were designed by taking advantage of the bending character of plywood sheets. The flat 4 mm plywood elements have been bent into a sculptural form with steam that reminds of an empty echo chamber like a cello or violin. This technology enables a sculptural lightness and elegance while being rigid and strong at the same time.


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Position A h - 500 mm, Position B h - 700mm, Ø - 1000 mm Material 4 mm bended birch plywood, lacquered, top - 8 mm tempered glass.

Coffee table NEMO by Jaanus Orgusaar


This is the smaller version of the bigger table NEMO. The difference being its lightness and versatile 2 in 1 property to transform from a low coffee table to a small dining table by just flipping it 90 degrees and placing the glass top on the other side.